Sell Our Coffee Wares at Your Market

We're a trusted coffee distributor in Farmingdale, ME

We want our delicious coffee to be enjoyed from shore to shore. Make us your preferred coffee distributor in Farmingdale, ME. All of our wholesale coffee beans are roasted fresh-to-order in small batches and sold by the pound.

Whether you're hosting a fundraiser or want to sell our coffee in our shop, you can be sure our coffee blends will keep your customers returning for more. We also offer private labeling. Call 207-557-3208 now to place an order for wholesale coffee beans.

Questions you should ask your coffee distributor

Not all coffee distributors are equal in quality or service. Some questions you should ask your coffee distributor to ensure a happy partnership include:

  • How much experience do you have as a coffee roaster?
  • How often do you cup your coffee?
  • How quickly do you ship your coffee after roasting it?

Shipwreck Coffee Company runs a tight ship to ensure we provide excellent coffee and customer service. We have extensive knowledge and experience and regularly evaluate our coffee blends. Your coffee beans will be shipped ASAP after roasting and arrive fresh and flavorful.