Find Coffee From Every Port

Drink international coffee at our shop in Farmingdale, ME

We've searched the four corners of the earth to bring you delightful international coffee blends. Whether you're a fan of dark roast or blond coffee, you'll find your favorite beans at Shipwreck Coffee Company. Our customers in Farmingdale, ME come back again and again for our signature blends. We import from countries known for their exceptional coffee.

Tell lesser coffee blends to walk the plank. Visit our coffee shop today to try unforgettable international coffee blends.

Discover rich, aromatic coffees with unique names

Come to our coffee shop for one-of-a-kind signature blends with fun, nautical names. Some of our customers' favorite blends include:

  • Mariner's Peril
  • Rambler Roast
  • Jacob's Ladder
  • Lobsterman's Blend
  • Following Seas
  • Fair Winds
  • Hard Alee

Whether you crave the sweet and smooth quality of blond coffee from Latin America or the bold flavor of dark coffee from Colombia, you can find a blend that suits your tastes at our coffee shop.