• Clever Coffee Dripper 18 oz.


    The Abid Clever Dripper is an easy to learn, single cup manual coffee brewer that simplifies the brewing process. To brew, you place the coffee filter and coffee into the Clever Dripper, pour the desired water volume over, let it sit for 3 to 4 minutes, and then set the dripper on top of a coffee mug to drain out.

    Equipment needed: water, coffee, #4 paper filters, Clever dripper, paddle or spoon, lid, cup or pitcher that Clever fits over top of.

    Coffee dose: 22 grams or approximately 3 level tablespoons.

    Step 1

    Place filter in the Clever dripper and premoisten with very hot water from your tap or kettle. Drain the rinse water from the Clever over a cup or small pitcher.

    Step 2

    Begin boiling water. Measure your coffee and grind it coarsely during the boiling process.

    Step 3

    Place ground coffee in Clever dripper (while it rests on the counter). After water has come off the boil for approximately 40 seconds, pour just enough over the coffee to saturate it, give a quick stir, and cover for 30 seconds.

    Step 4

    Continue evenly pouring water over the grounds until it reaches the top of the ridges on the Clever's sides. Stir in a cyclonic motion once or twice, and cover for 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

    Step 5

    Engage Clever dripper by placing on top of cup or pitcher to dispense coffee. Total extraction time should take approximately 45 seconds. Pull the dripper off of the cup before the final water is drained completely. (Or, depending on the size of your cup—before it overflows!)


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