Bistro 2 pcs espresso mugs, double wall, 5 oz.


Information for BISTRO 2 pcs espresso mug, double wall, 0.15 l, 5 oz Transparent: 

When form follows function, design just works. Abiding by this belief, the Bistro Double Wall Glass Line serves best if used to keep ice cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. The Bistro family of mugs is streamlined: shaped without many edges and corners, employing a form for everyday use with the special double wall glass thermal effect. The Bistro line is made of mouth-blown borosilicate glass known for its amazing insulating qualities. It is a perfect glass line for people enjoying a whole range of beverages, from ice cold drinks to espresso or café latte.
Depth3.125 in
Width3.125 in
Height3.375 in


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