A Guide to Preparing the Ultimate Cup of Coffee

While preparing the ultimate cup of coffee is unique to one's personal tastes and environment, we recommend the following steps for a better tasting brew.

The Water

Brewed coffee is 98% water.  Start with fresh, cold water.  Any foreign taste in the water will likely transfer to your coffee.  Filtered water is preferred, as this will remove the taste and odor or chlorine and fluoride that are used in municipal water systems.  If your tap water does not have a good taste we recommend bottled spring water.

The Temperature

Make sure the temperature of your brewing water is at least 195 degrees F and not more than 205 degrees F for a full flavorful extraction.

The Coffee

Use fresh coffee.  Coffee should rest for 12-24 hours after roasting and should ideally be brewed shortly thereafter.  When roasted coffee interacts with the environment, the complex flavors and aromas break down.  Ground coffee begins to loose freshness immediately after grinding, use within 2 weeks.  Only stock enough ground coffee to last 2 weeks.

To maintain the freshness of your coffee, store whole bean coffee in an airtight container placed in a dark, dry and cool location.  Whole bean coffee will maintain freshness for approximately 4 weeks, do not buy any more whole bean coffee that you would use within the month.  Do not store coffee in the refrigerator or freezer.

The Grind

For flat bottomed or cone shaped filters use a slightly sandy texture.  For a french press or percolator use a coarser grind.  For a vacuum coffee brewer use the same grind as the flat bottomed or cone shaped filters.  Follow the recommendations for the grind when using an espresso machine, each machine and grinder are different, it may take some experimentation to get the grind that will offer the best tasting expresso.

If the grind is too fine, it will produce a bitter brew; if too coarse the results will be a weak, watery brew.  For best finding results use a burr coffee grinder.


Use one standard coffee measure (two level tablespoons) for each six ounce cup of coffee.  This will produce a cup that has the delectable flavors inherent in the coffee beans.  Using too little will produce a bitterness that only detracts from these flavors.

The measurements Shipwreck Coffee uses-If using an Aeropress, use 17 gms. of coffee in a medium grind.  For a 51 oz. french press, 52 gms. of coffee to 1200 gms. of water. If using the Pebo vacuum coffee maker 76 gm. of coffee.  Shipwreck Coffee single serve k-cups contain 14 gms. of coffee.

After Brewing

Once coffee has been brewed, do not let the carafe remain on a warming element for more than 20 minutes.  After brewing, the coffee should be poured immediately into a thermal carafe to maintain heat and the coffees true flavors.                                   


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