How We Got Started

Shipwreck Coffee is located in Farmindale, Maine and is the realization of a dream.  The business dream combines our passion for high quality coffee with a way of life that only the great state of Maine can provide.  The Shipwreck name was inspired by over 3,500 miles of rocky Maine coastline and the hundreds of engaging maritime stories in recorded history.  I invite you to experience this dream with me.
Pati Carlson, Owner 


Shipwreck Coffee's vision is to build a specialty coffee roasting company that provides only the finest roasted coffee to the discerning business client and consumer.


Shipwreck Coffee's mission is to promote the enjoyment of the quality coffee tasting experience.


Core values that guide the business operation and serve as a measure of success.

Customers:  Provide them with an excellent tasting "journey" and exceed customer expectations in every way.  Create happy and loyal customers who share our passions.
Quality:  Maintain the highest standards of product excellence and continually seek product and process improvement.
Employees:  Provide great work and a fun place to learn.  Treat everyone with mutual respect and dignity.
Wholesale:  Offer substantial business value/profit opportunities.
Social Responsibility:  Contribute positively to the health and welfare of our communities and the environment.
Shipwreck Coffee Company
591 main Ave. Farmingdale, ME 04344 US
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