Welcome to Shipwreck

We are a family owned, small batch coffee roaster located in Farmingdale, Maine focused on delivering true coffee passion with every bean, batch and cup.


Shipwreck Coffee uses only the finest Arabica coffees from around the world.  Each high quality coffee is selected for it's individual flavor attributes which are complemented and enhanced through an artistic roasting process, resulting in some of the finest coffee you will know.

The world of small batch coffee roasting is entirely different than the large institutionalized coffee roasters.  At Shipwreck Coffee, we create a true passion for coffee by focusing on each bean's unique flavor attributes and bringing those to your palate.  Tasting of fine coffee is an art unto itself, and with practice, one can begin to identify nuances of each coffee.  the Shipwreck Coffees are designed to help you enjoy this tasting journey.

At Shipwreck Coffee you will not find shelves filled with rows of bagged coffee.  The coffee I bag for you when you come into the shop is the same coffee I roasted within the last 48 hours.  Please allow a few extra minutes for flavored coffee; I blend it to order only.

Shop by when you see the OPEN flag.



Shipwreck Coffee Company
591 main Ave. Farmingdale, ME 04344 US
Phone: 207-557-3208 Website: http://www.shipwreckcoffee.com